Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.

When I was five or so my aunt called from California and said I had a ‘twang.’ I guess that’s what you get when you’re born in Abilene, Texas. Ten years later I went back to Abilene and was told, “You have a strange accent. Where are you from?” Africa, I said: eSwatini-formerly-Swaziland. After all,Continue reading “Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.”

After the Last Day

On the Last Day I do not say goodbye. I remember when I said goodbye to my cousins and my real uncles an aunts on another Last Day, and I cried. I don’t wand to cry and ruin the Last Day at home. Instead I take two Stock sweets and hide one in my secret box in my special mango tree. I give the other sweet to my best friend Themusa.

“I will come back, my friend. We will see each other soon.”

“We will meet, sister,” she says.

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