Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.

When I was five or so my aunt called from California and said I had a ‘twang.’ I guess that’s what you get when you’re born in Abilene, Texas. Ten years later I went back to Abilene and was told, “You have a strange accent. Where are you from?” Africa, I said: eSwatini-formerly-Swaziland. After all,Continue reading “Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.”

What Am I Doing Here?

Where am I, again? Oh, yeah. Lockdown. I’m home. If covid hadn’t paused the world, I’d be bouncing through the States right now, waking up on a different air mattress every other week and opening my eyes to ask, “Where am I?” But I’m home: eSwatini. Well, I guess I’m home. I’m an American-Swati andContinue reading “What Am I Doing Here?”

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