Places I’ve Been and Places I’m Going

I’ve been a lot of places in sixteen years! The purple pins are the places I have been. The blue pins are the places I am going. Places I’ve Been Matsapha, Inkhundla Kwaluseni, Manzini, M202, Swaziland; Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States of America; Abilene, Taylor County, Texas, United States of America; Dallas, Dallas County,Continue reading “Places I’ve Been and Places I’m Going”

Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.

When I was five or so my aunt called from California and said I had a ‘twang.’ I guess that’s what you get when you’re born in Abilene, Texas. Ten years later I went back to Abilene and was told, “You have a strange accent. Where are you from?” Africa, I said: eSwatini-formerly-Swaziland. After all,Continue reading “Welcome to Earth: It’s Big.”

How To Kill a Pig

We tramp through the thick brush to the near-empty pigsty; his gumboots flattening a clear path, I in bare feet on the lookout for snakes and broken glass. The five young men are ready. They pass out ropes and bestow the panga upon the tallest one, Lazarus.

She is the last pig, a huge sow, the end of a successful agricultural experiment. Quietly wary she stares them down, grunting softly.

After the Last Day

On the Last Day I do not say goodbye. I remember when I said goodbye to my cousins and my real uncles an aunts on another Last Day, and I cried. I don’t wand to cry and ruin the Last Day at home. Instead I take two Stock sweets and hide one in my secret box in my special mango tree. I give the other sweet to my best friend Themusa.

“I will come back, my friend. We will see each other soon.”

“We will meet, sister,” she says.

What Am I Doing Here?

Where am I, again? Oh, yeah. Lockdown. I’m home. If covid hadn’t paused the world, I’d be bouncing through the States right now, waking up on a different air mattress every other week and opening my eyes to ask, “Where am I?” But I’m home: eSwatini. Well, I guess I’m home. I’m an American-Swati andContinue reading “What Am I Doing Here?”

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