The Marianne Foundation

It is the second month of my seventeenth year, and this September I am supporting women and girls in rural Uganda with the Marianne Foundation. Marianne empowers girls to empower the world. We take the lowest members of society – poor, rural, black, African girls – and give them jobs, support, and love. We doContinue reading “The Marianne Foundation”

August’s Closing Remarks

It is the end of my birthday month. Now I am old enough to drive and date a 19-year-old (well, legally). This month, I began my seventeenth year, applied for nearly 40 scholarships, published a course on Udemy, began my active support of BLM, completely neglected my blog, and lived my fifth month in lockdown.Continue reading “August’s Closing Remarks”

Seventeenth Year & BLM

Hey, it’s been too long. Well, here goes: Two days before my birthday on the 12th I woke from my half-sleep with an idea: Why not make a list of all the things I want to achieve during my 17th year? I pulled out a notebook and scribbled down a list some two pages long.Continue reading “Seventeenth Year & BLM”

Enter Imogen (Scene One)

My name is Imogen Lee, and I can recite all of Macbeth by heart. See, this is because my grandmother, who raised me, is always saying bits of it, and when I got old enough to read she made me read the whole thing and then we performed it together, just the two of us.Continue reading “Enter Imogen (Scene One)”

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