Enter Imogen (Scene One)

My name is Imogen Lee, and I can recite all of Macbeth by heart. See, this is because my grandmother, who raised me, is always saying bits of it, and when I got old enough to read she made me read the whole thing and then we performed it together, just the two of us. It is just the two of us. After I get home from school Grandma and I are together. She doesn’t work, But don’t worry: my dad let us plenty of money when he died. I was four. Mom died when I was zero, I suppose. It was when she was having me.

Oh, but I have to tell you my story! It all started a month ago when my teacher made a special announcement.

“Class before you go, I have a special announcement. Burgundy Elementary is going to be holding a Talent Chow! In honor of our student Beth, who won ‘America’s Got Talent’ last year, we will hold our show in the same way. Four judges. One winner.

“Anyone who wishes to compete should submit their name to me by the end of the week.”

Well, nobody could talk about anything else after that announcement. We were all so excited. We were all sure we were going to win.

When I got home I told Grandma all about the Burgundy Elementary Talent Show. She was nearly as excited as I was.

“You’re going to enter, aren’t you, Im?”

“Um – well, I guess. I can do a play. It’ll be like Broadway!” My greatest dream is to be on Broadway. I’m already an actress. But I want everyone to know it.

“Let’s get you ready,” said Grandma, standing up and going over to the storage closet. “You’ll need a costume…”

Published by Ellianna Elizabeth

I am an American-Swati TCK and I love writing, culture, and music.

11 thoughts on “Enter Imogen (Scene One)

  1. Hmm – this story grabs you… how much of Imogen is Ellianna?
    Thanks for the follow! I look forward to following you too fellow TCK.
    Let me know if you would ever like to write about your TCK experiences on my blog – it has been awhile since I’ve had a guest ( always popular).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it. Maybe I was more like Imogen when I was her age.

      I would love to write a post for your blog! That would be awesome. Maybe in a couple of weeks; I’m pretty busy right about now.


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