Story of My Life

I am a writer. My words form the map of the places I’ve been and the places in which I remain. My stories carry lifetimes beyond my own.

I am a global citizen; home at once everywhere and nowhere; traveling continent to continent and knowing world upon world.

I am a woman: a girl, a bearer of a better future with my strong heart and will. Never forgotten am I, women, in the upward diaspora of pain and hope.

I am a reader, a deposit of words. Ideas fill me and I only wish they were mine. I’ve been through history and past the present and deeper than the center of the earth.

I am the bridge between worlds: the observer of culture, the mender of the disconnected, the transportation of humankind. I lessen distance. I am the middlewoman. I translate the words of the speechless.

I am a human; I am a feeling-creature; I am a fellow-creature. I am the product of chance and a message. I am the carrier of comfort, the passion for change, the city on a hill.

I am not alone because I am of the world and have seen its masterpiece.

Published by Ellianna Elizabeth

I am an American-Swati TCK and I love writing, culture, and music.

15 thoughts on “Story of My Life

  1. Another wow post 😎💖
    Love you Ellianna.
    In my very first post : Around the World with Love; I wrote where there is love it is my home. I love to travel and meet people from different parts of the world.
    And I have also lived in many different parts of my big country 😊

    All the very best to you. Am so glad to connect with such a smart and evolved young kid 🧒 🤗
    Love and blessings

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  2. Hi. I’m not a TCK because I’m no longer a “K.” When I was an adult, I left the USA, my “home,” and lived in Poland and then the UAE and then Turkey and then Egypt. I refer to myself as a Citizen of the World. I suppose that makes me a CotW. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

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