Rock, Paper, Scissors…Shoot!?

(This post was written by my TCK friend. Thanks, mgani!)

Rock, Paper, Scissors: a game of total domination and control. This ultimate game of war features three immortal stars; each returning to the battlefield  with a taste of vengeance in hand. (Ha ha, get it?) There is Rock. Unmovable, unchanging, grounded, and solid– but quickly blinded by Paper. An opponent fueled through technique and style– but in its hubris, falls to the quick and keen Scissors. A warrior known for speed and direction– however, lacks the foresight to anticipate the crushing blows of Rock. Constantly dueling in this ring of resurrection, only to be slain again and again and again. The inhabitants of a cruel Osoborous.

And we just kinda play it for fun, I guess? To see who gets the last ice cream cone? Whose turn it is on the iPad? Because there’s nothing better to do? Yup. Me and my family just play it in public– only, after being born in Japan and that being my parents’ second home, we play the Japanese version. We play Janken. In a hot fury of sound, all joining together in the great summoning of these heroes –amidst the chaos of the American mall– “SAISHO WA GUU, JANKEN PON!” Some of us win, some of us lose. We’re all getting ice cream regardless. But then, we feel the prickling feeling that we’re being watched by someone. We all look around: nevermind, no one’s watching us. That’s because everyone is watching us!

I guess that’s the price to pay for Janken. Oh yeah, and the constant conjuring and killing of Rock, Paper, and Scissors…Shoot!?

Published by Ellianna Elizabeth

I am an American-Swati TCK and I love writing, culture, and music.

One thought on “Rock, Paper, Scissors…Shoot!?

  1. I don’t know if my sons would consider themselves as TCKs. The USA is the third culture I’ve become immersed in. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for the follow 🙂


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