What is a TCK?

“A TCK, or Third Culture Kid, is typically a kid born to parents of one culture and raised in a different culture. The kid forms their own, third culture; hence the name.”

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17-word Scenario

The little girl in the corner is a grenade and soon she will blow us all away.

The Marianne Foundation

It is the second month of my seventeenth year, and this September I am supporting women and girls in rural Uganda with the Marianne Foundation. Marianne empowers girls to empower the world. We take the lowest members of society – poor, rural, black, African girls – and give them jobs, support, and love. We doContinue reading “The Marianne Foundation”

Enter Imogen (scene 2)

So as it turns out, unpaid WordPress members cannot upload audio and video content on their blogs. Oh, well. So, Part Two of Imogen’s story is on Youtube, aka at the destination of this link. It’s a video, but really it is an audio file with a really attractive plain white screen. And it isContinue reading “Enter Imogen (scene 2)”

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