What is a TCK?

“A TCK, or Third Culture Kid, is typically a kid born to parents of one culture and raised in a different culture. The kid forms their own, third culture; hence the name.”

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Lots and lots of books

Happy new year, y’all! Way back when it was still 2020, I actually managed to keep track of (almost) all the books I read, and like always I’ve made lists and awards! I have my Top 6 Books list, my Honorable Mentions list, and my Old Favorites list. None of these are in any particularContinue reading “Lots and lots of books”

17-word Scenario

The little girl in the corner is a grenade and soon she will blow us all away.

The Marianne Foundation

It is the second month of my seventeenth year, and this September I am supporting women and girls in rural Uganda with the Marianne Foundation. Marianne empowers girls to empower the world. We take the lowest members of society – poor, rural, black, African girls – and give them jobs, support, and love. We doContinue reading “The Marianne Foundation”

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