What is a TCK?

“A TCK, or Third Culture Kid, is typically a kid born to parents of one culture and raised in a different culture. The kid forms their own, third culture; hence the name.”

Latest from the Blog

Enter Imogen

Hi, everyone! My name is Imogen Lee. I love the theater and Shakespeare and my grandmother. Over the next twelve days, I am going to share my story, which is in five sections. Each section will be a different kind of writing. Look out for the first section of my story – it’s coming soon!Continue reading “Enter Imogen”

Zeke Went Home (Part Four)

(Zeke’s story is in four parts. Don’t miss Part One, Part Two, or Part Three!) They put him on medication. It would stop the ‘dreams’ as they called them until they figured out what was going on. For Zeke this was it. They took Thando not once now but twice. Maybe they don’t understand thatContinue reading “Zeke Went Home (Part Four)”

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